2013 - 2023: ten years!

It's already been ten years since we embarked on our adventure after months of preparation. Even now, it feels like yesterday. The round-the-world trip seems more recent than any other we've been on since.

What have we done in the last few years?

First, we had to reacclimatize. We kept our jobs, but that was it. Looking for an apartment, getting things out of storage, settling in, shopping and so on. At the same time, getting used to a sedentary lifestyle posed a few problems. There were many occasions when the problems and priorities of our work seemed, to say the least, derisory. And we were quickly bored by discussions about our experiences on the trip, which were limited to "so, it wasn't too long, was it? We felt isolated from some people, but all the more so from those who had made a similar trip (or trips!).

On the other hand, a number of disasters involving places we have seen have given us the feeling that we are privileged to enjoy exceptional but fragile places. The earthquake in Kathmandu, the storms on the Annapurna trek, the fires in the American West, the floods in Chile - these were just some of the phenomena that had a particularly strong impact on us.

Obviously, we felt the need to focus on new projects. Two children later, we've moved on to a different kind of adventure that represents just as much of a revolution in our daily lives. And even though it's a little early to say it, we're still toying with the idea of going on another long-distance trip, this time as a foursome!

Back to the trip

Under the Preparation tab, we've grouped together all the practical tips that came in handy during the preparatory phase of the trip, whether concerning the itinerary, equipment or health issues. Obviously, the way we travel has changed a lot in recent years. TripAdvisor was not yet widespread, Instagram was not flooding the world with clichés that had to be reproduced absolutely, and good Internet access in general was sometimes hard to find.

The Blog tab provides access to trip reports, either in full chronological order, or by country, with a reminder of general information and the itinerary we have planned.

The Photos tab takes you to the complete gallery of photos related to the trip.

Enjoy your reading, and we hope it gives you some ideas for your trip!

Aurélie, Nicolas, Cerise & Elise

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Back in Munich, the return to reality is - very - hard. Once we'd got over the surprise of breathing clean air again after Bangkok, we found it very hard to get back into normal everyday life. We make the most of the two weeks of freedom we have left to climb the Zugspitze with René, who is visiting Bavaria. Then it's back to work and the feeling of being in a prison again. No more adventures, we stumble behind our desks on a daily basis, wondering what we're doing here on the one hand, and finding it hard to get past the feeling that we're wasting our time and that the Earth is continuing to turn without us on the other. An inevitable situation, but a difficult one nonetheless...

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